I present five tracks that heavily influenced my taste in music and – maybe – also my personality.
The Beauty of Gemina's mastermind presents five tracks that influenced his art.
Weekly5・Edition #13 | 🎵 Markian, Lea Porcelain, Pink Turns Blue, Husten, Odd Beholder
Weekly5 • Edition #20 • Sam Himself, Toni Sauna, Takeshi's Cashew, Feldboat, Jungle
Weekly5・Edition #11 | 🎵 LIN, Delilah Bon, Novo Amor, Potochkine, Andrea Bignasca | 🕒 720 words, a three-minute read.
Weekly5・Edition #9 | New songs by girl in red, VIVIN, Jeans for Jesus x Steiner & Madlaina, NOTI, and Pierre J.
Weekly5・Edition #14 | 🎵 Kele, Äl Jawala, girl in red, Danko Jones, Iñigo Montoya
Edition #27 • Moby, Worries And Other Plants, Moyka, Yvette, Insomnium
Weekly5 • Edition #18 • Sylvie Kreusch, Mdou Moctar, Catalyst, R Plus, Julien Bracht
The ten songs released in 2021 that are dearest to my heart.
About the upcoming "not a best of" Weekly5.
Weekly5 brings you a taste of exceptional concerts.