5 live performances that make you miss concerts even more

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Here in Switzerland, concerts are finally just a glimpse away.

The music itself is powerful for us as individuals. However, the collective experience of a fantastic concert might never be reproduced. It‘s a unique, shared moment. You had to be there to know. You belong to an exclusive club.

Although live recordings cannot catch the total ecstasy of physically enjoying the overwhelming power, there are exceptional clips out there. I‘ve collected five of them, hoping they would lift your spirits on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Woodkid – Run Boy Run

Montreux Jazz Festival 2016

It was 2011 when Yoann Lemoine, aka Woodkid, started to take the world by storm. Back then, the video artist, who worked for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, contributed Iron to the trailer of Assassin‘s Creed: Revelations. Woodkid‘s rise continued with the 2012 release of Run Boy Run. His epic compositions were something else, a neo-classical and cinematic sound – larger than life.

The song‘s vast interpretation at the 2016 Montreux Jazz Festival has to be not only one of the best Woodkid recordings but of music in general. Played with a full-blown orchestra and a choir of children and audience alike, astonishingly lightened. It‘s pure ecstasy. It gives me chills – even after watching it for the 100th time.

Editors – Papillion

Pinkpop 2018

If you have ever seen the Editors live on stage, you understand. The British band is one of the best live acts out there. Their melancholic hymns echo through space and time. Their songs burst into spikes of energy when performed live.

To verify my claims, check out the performance of Papillion at the Pinkpop festival in 2018 (Timecode: 1:02:46) or A Ton of Love (Timecode: 49:20). And feel free to enjoy the whole performance; it‘s definitely worth your time. For more, Tom Smith‘s voice is an endless source of wonder. It‘s simply perfect.

Danko Jones – Lovercall

Arena, Vienna, 2012 [Bootleg]

Although I‘m not too fond of people filming at concerts, this 11-year-old taping of Danko Jones‘ Lovercall is simply one of the best live captures. The Canadian garage rock trio is praised for its energetic performances.

And in this clip, their qualities shine bright: Danko Jones is a pure-bred entertainer. He knows the importance of interaction. It‘s hilarious, and it‘s fun.

The Beauty of Gemina – Rumours

Moods, Zurich, 2014

The Beauty of Gemina have been my musical companions since 2008. I‘ve interviewed the band‘s head, Michael Sele, many times, written about their records, visited around 20 concerts. But, unfortunately, I missed their acoustic show at the jazz club Moods in Zurich in 2014. And I still regret it. 

However, the recordings of this evening provide solace. Every time I watch it, there‘s this notion of perfect synchronization. It‘s like the individual musicians melt together into one organism performing dark and warm sounds. So you should definitely check out Rumours (Timecode: 1:39:50).

Martin Kohlstedt – HARNAO

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, 2017

The scenery is astounding. Obviously, Hamburg‘s Elbphilharmonie is a prestigious venue. But in classical music, it‘s the music itself that takes center stage. I‘m fully aware that I use the term classical quite loosely here. Because Martin Kohlstedt‘s HARNAO isn‘t your simple piano piece.

Actually, the song is a modular composition of two fragments, HAR and NAO. This fusion is unique and cannot be found on any of Kohlstedt‘s records. It‘s the true meaning of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And this performance is just stunning. Lovely, quiet, thoughtful. And deafening, eruptive, epic.

That‘s it for today. The Weekly5 are still on summer break, but I hope I could inspire you with those live recordings. And maybe you even discovered musicians you want to see live once it‘s possible again.

All the best,

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