Best of 2021 so far: I utterly failed

An attempt of compiling some of the best tracks of 2021 so far.

I’ve been curating songs for around six years now. For the majority of that time, the result – whether it was called ‘Songs of the Week’ or ‘Weekly5’ – was part of the larger ecosystem of ‘Negative White’, the online magazine. It has never been my main focus until 2021.

Looking back at the past months, I can say that this focus leads to an astonishing collection of music from a variety of genres and diverse artists.

Don’t get me wrong: This is a great outcome. But it’s also a terrible thing if you’re trying to compile a best of. It’s an easier task to curate the songs that I wouldn’t pick again than choose some of the best.

My goal was to create a best of with 10 songs from the regular Weekly5 editions and the one special edition with ‘killed darlings’. Therefore, I had 105 tracks at my disposal. Also, I wanted to uphold the value of diversity and support the local artists in Switzerland.

Obviously, I failed miserably.

In the end, 15 songs remained. Listed alphabetically, here are some of the best tracks of 2021 so far:

Adna – November

benzii – Commodity

Catalyst – Jolene

Ivorrie – Plane

James – Beautiful Beaches

Jeans for Jesus x Steiner & Madleina – 2000 etc.

Julien Bracht – Streets

Jungle – Talk About It

Kaktus Einarsson – 45rpm

Lea Porcelain – Ohio

Linn Koch-Emmery – Linn RIP

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime

Moyka – I Don’t Wanna Hold On

NOTI – letters from nowhere (feat. Sam Himself, Anna Rossinelli)

Torp – A Time To Kill

I’ve linked the respective edition for each song above. You’ll find extensive descriptions of the tracks in there. Of course, there are also the playlists on Spotify and Apple Music for this (kind of a) best of.

Now, I’m most curious about which songs you would have picked for the best of. If you feel you’re up for the challenge, please send your personal list to me: If enough of you participate, I will create a community best-of playlist.

And let me know what you think of my choices by leaving a comment on this post:

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