Weekly5 is a newsletter dedicated to great music. Every Sunday, five new songs are handpicked for an exclusive selection.

Hi, my name is Janosch Troehler, the curator of Weekly5.

As a trained journalist, I worked for local and national media in Switzerland. Today, I'm focussing on community and product development.

The Story of Weekly5

From 2010 to 2020, I ran Negative White, an online magazine around music and culture. Unfortunately, I stopped the project because I couldn't invest as much time as needed. However, music remains an essential anchor in my life. It's my passion to discover great music and share it with others.

The origins of Weekly5 date back to 2015, when the selection was called Songs of the Week. In 2019, the format was rebranded as Weekly5.

Since the online magazine folded, I missed discovering new music. Finally, I realized that I had to dedicate time. But I thought, if I already take the time, I might as well share my discoveries with other people. So I brought Weekly5 back in January 2021.

The Content of Weekly5

Weekly5 is mainly a newsletter focused on delivering you five new songs you should give a listen to. However, there are some regular bits and pieces that complete the experience.

Occasionally, I also include contests in the newsletter or deliver a special edition.

The Values of Weekly5

Five core values define everything I do around Weekly5. They guide not only the curation process of new songs but also my interactions with the community.

I'm driven by the urge to discover new music and encourage everyone to be open-minded.

I'm striving for a unique and intimate experience of discovery through a high standard in quality.

I pay attention to diversity in gender, origin, and musical genres alike.

I'm independent of outside influence. Reviews cannot be bought. Opinions are honest and truthful.

I uphold the values and communicate issues transparently.