Edition #40 • Sharon Van Etten, Casper, King Hannah, LAWN CHair, TEMMIS
Edition #39 • featuring Portmonee, Perel, VHS Collection, beGun, Matthias Gusset
Edition #38 features new tracks by Kat Frankie, Christin Nichols, Albertine Sarges, Fishbach and Egopusher.
How do we see and treat the world's most influential streaming service?
A regular curation of five sonic gems from the (not so) distant past.
Edition #37 • Pablo Nouvelle, Joy Wellboy, Zeal & Ardor, ANGER MGMT., Hanreti
Edition #36 of Weekly5 brings you new songs by Mattiu, ZUSTRA, White Lies, Noti x Sensu, and East Sister.
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The ten songs released in 2021 that are dearest to my heart.
Ten songs with stunningly smooth voices and captivating grooves.