Edition #27 • Moby, Worries And Other Plants, Moyka, Yvette, Insomnium
Edition #26 🎵 featuring Hearts Hearts, Velvet Volume, Jungle by Night, Odd Beholder and Lizki
New music by Hilke, Meimuna, Zeal & Ardor, Kush K, and Pop Wallace.
Edition #24 • Everdeen, GEISTHA, Children Collide, Pan Amsterdam, Adna
Edition #23 • Imany, Charity Children, Deafheaven, Jessiquoi, CATT
Weekly5 • Edition #22 • Casper Caan x Hot Chip, Drangsal, ZUSTRA, OGMH, Moon Not War
Edition #21 • ÄTNA x Meute, The KVB, benzii, Violence, Julien Bracht
A Weekly5 special edition: Adna Kadic shares five tracks that inspired her artistic work. Her new record will be released this September.
In defense of the album.
Ein Plädoyer für das Album.
Weekly5 brings you a taste of exceptional concerts.
Hoffentlich ein Vorgeschmack auf die Zukunft.